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Ignite by Aaltoes is a 10 week student startup accelerator focused on educating and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. This year 14 teams have been selected to take part in the accelerator during the summer. We are providing teams with the tools, connections and experience to be able to succeed with their startup. The program is divided into weekly topics covering all the aspects required to build a startup from the ground. Each week the most successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals will come and teach teams as well as to give personal mentorship to each individual team. On top of this we want to provide the teams with great connections throughout the startup ecosystem in Finland.

Batch 2021

Let us introduce the Ignite batch 2021. Out of the 114 applications, we chose 14 amazing teams to be next generations of entrepreneurs. Read below what the teams are doing!


Stress is one of the major reasons why people quit their jobs. Greenery, in turn, brings peace to minds and contributes to well-being. We, SoGreen, provide indoor edible gardens to workspaces, where carefully selected plants are kept fresh automatically. People can pick the leaves, mix them into their dishes, and watch the plants grow. Our garden is not only a decoration or a growing unit but is also a tool that calms down your team on a stressful day and serves as a starting point for conversations. With a monthly or yearly subscription, together with the garden, we renew the plants when needed and share recipes on the usage of the herbs.



KappaInsights is on a mission to make live streaming better. Twitch is an extremely competitive, passion-driven market with huge potential for those who make it. Each month 8 million live channels are competing for more than 2 billion watched hours and the field is growing rapidly. We help Twitch streamers improve their content and increase their viewer count by providing new kind of analytics and insights on their audience. Helping our users to grab a bigger piece of the huge cake has a long-lasting effect with clear financial value for them.



Nowadays, sustainability is pretty much part of everything we do, but believe it or not, supermarkets are
not being monitored. This is a terrible situation, since they generate a lot of pollution. The idea behind Greentail is to create a way to bridge the gap and provide the stores with a monitoring system: we would create a tool that the supermarket owners could access, which would allow them to visualize their environmental impact as well as to find ways to improve their situation in just a few clicks.


With rapid ageing, the quality of elderly caregiving in the homecare and facilities is dropping fast. It is not enough to rely on outsourced services. Now families need to take action. Our company aims to help families do caregiving together. We are building an  app that helps keep track of families’ caregiving activities and helps families share their responsibilities. In a shared space with all family members, caregiving and communication happen more efficiently. Additionally, we guide people throughout the caregiving journey with knowledge and best practices. It is time to redefine the future of elderly caregiving. Join us in creating a new family caregiving experience.



There are 6.9 million monthly Twitch streamers competing for 2.5 million concurrent viewers and the numbers are growing fast. StrmInsights will be a tool that gives Twitch streamers insights into their streams by analyzing the audience interaction and other metrics during the streams. The tool allows the streamer to review which moments in their broadcast drove most viewer participation, new followers, new subscribers, viewer retention, donations, cheers or other metrics they care about. StrmInsights has a big, rapidly growing potential market and endless ways to improve the tool further with smarter features, while the minimal viable product is achievable in a short time by a talented and motivated team.


Digitalisation, data science and software development are increasingly critical skills every business should make use of. In the real world however, it may be difficult, expensive and time-consuming to hire these specialists before you can visualise what your ROI will be.
What we do? Virsity selects some of the world's most promising talent - and allows you, the business, to select a specific challenge you'd like to tackle. We make it easy to get started with exploring artificial intelligence, consumer or business applications, data strategy and more. Each challenge is only a fraction of the cost of traditional ICT consulting houses.Get in touch with our team today, and we will provide all the assistance you need to post your first challenge on Virsity !



We are creating a modern and safer downhill skiing/snowboarding environment with the help  of an AI-powered system.  There are numerous blind spots in ski resorts’ snow parks caused by jump knuckles. These  blind spots cause a serious hazard for all park users because the next skier/snowboarder  cannot see what is happening on the landing before jumping. Our system detects if there is a person on jump landing and indicates that to the next  skier/snowboarder in line. The system is a standalone edge device that uses machine vision  and artificial intelligence to power the detection system. We are aiming our system to eventually be an industry standard for all ski resorts, and we  know that it is warmly welcomed by the users and the resorts. The system can be  implemented in other sports and areas where blind spots are causing a problem. 



Perspect was created to stop the slow death of the newspaper industry. Growth in digital revenue has failed to offset the decline in print advertising. What we are seeing is that the publishing industry is increasingly being divided into a small number of winners and a big number of losers.We from Perspect are here to change this. Our service aims at providing an easy-to-use solution, which grants readers centralized access to a diverse amount of content from different publishers with just one monthly subscription.Our vision is to provide readers around the world a versatile offer of quality content from different perspectives with just one or two clicks. Perspect is here both to offer newspaper readers a wider glance at journalism and to help newspapers to reach new target audiences.



Clothes are one of the most personal things we own – our style allows us to express ourselves, showcase a belonging in a community and influence social status. That’s what juni is all about: we want to bring back and reintroduce the long-lost skill of creating handmade items to younger audiences as a form of tangible self-expression. Our focus is in building a very tight-knit community that inspires people to dream, create and stand out!The team behind juni consists of three determined students: Ella, Vera and Reti. Coming from backgrounds of marketing and design, we share a passion for innovative solutions and design thinking and are excited to make our idea come to life.



Food, something we engage in three times a day, is vital and fundamental, yet we receive so little guidance that is rooted in simplicity and truth. Food should be easy and simple, so we set out to do exactly that. Current solutions force you to choose either convenience over money, money over health or health over taste. We don’t believe you have to choose, we believe you can have it all. You don't need another recipe blog, another meal replacement, or another delivery app. We believe that what you need, is a simple tool that empowers you to eat better and effortlessly, daily. Welcome to noms.



If you break your arm, you go to a doctor but, if you break your heart, where do you go?We know how hard it is to make that first step and reach out for help. We also know that finding the right therapist might be even harder. Especially, when they don’t speak your language or understand your culture.Safe Room app connects you to the best-matching specialists, based on your needs, culture and preferred language. All that from the comfort of your own home. We also strive to create a supportive online community, as we believe in people helping people.In Safe Room, we want to provide easier access to mental wellbeing services and shatter the stigma around the topic. Because everyone deserves to get heard and get better.



Accompany tells B2C companies what their clients want & need in sustainability. The platform makes integrating sustainability straightforward and more effective for existing B2C businesses.With sophisticated social media analytics tools and an unique partnership model, Accompany identifies most engaging sustainability topics directly from the clients’ own Facebook & Instagram audiences.
Focusing B2C sustainability efforts into low-hanging fruit topics and segments makes getting into sustainability and succeeding in it accessible and effective.


One of the main challenges in freemium game development is to continuously design and playtest new levels such that the players engagement is guaranteed. We offer out-of-the-box ML solutions that developers can use to speed up their level generation pipeline. This can include generating layouts, adding props, playtesting levels, and analyzing gameplay data, such that the services are customized based on the developer needs.



Our mission at BINKI is to consistently help transform people’s buying and consuming habits, by making them more environmentally conscious and providing transparent information to make better choices everyday. We are committed to promote businesses that want to be part this transition and to make their products easily accessible to consumers through our app and our online platform



Humans are creatures of habit. For generations, drivers have been able to pay hassle free and be informed at point of sale. Farol was born to ensure that with an electric vehicle this should be no different.Farol's first product, The Lighthouse, is a unattended stainless steel kiosk equipped with a 22" touchscreen display and full credit card payment capabilities - including contactless, Apple and Google pay.The Lighthouse enables the streamlining of the customer journey by utilizing its display to connect brands and offers to drivers at point of sale, collect instant feedback and provide information about services available at charging hubs.



Our startup, VMX, is developing a web application to help researchers in contributing for a better future. While doing research, it is common to come across massive amount of documents that are hard to navigate through, and current solutions do not allow to clearly identify the most useful ones. Our product offers a meaningful visualization of such resources and provide easier navigation capabilities. To do that, we represent research results in a mind map and process them in order to build links for easy navigation. Our ambition is to impact both the academic world and the industrial R&D departments first, and scale to any office work then. Our vision is to create a new pattern to facilitate research information retrieval to increase productivity.


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