not your regular summer job



We want to offer you an alternative to a “traditional” summer job - a chance to have a bigger say on what kind of work you are going to concentrate your time and energy into. So, if you feel like you’d be interested in working more independently and creating a project of your own this summer, don’t hesitate to jump aboard! Not only will you get an opportunity to start pushing your idea forwards in a safe environment, you will also gain experience in self-direction and creating strategy for an early stage company. In an ideal situation you will learn a lot during this summer, increase your personal growth and possibly continue working on your project even after the program.


Ignite was created to respond to the prevailing situation by offering students an alternative way to spend their summer. The program is a good fit for students and recent graduates who want to test the functionality and potential of their idea during this summer. So, if you wish to take the matters in your own hands and bring an idea of yours to life this summer, don’t hesitate to apply! Note that you don’t need to have a crystal clear, ready-made idea when applying for the program - interest in entrepreneurship and courage to candidly jump into trying something new make you a perfectly qualified applicant!

the applicaton process

the form

The application form is the first step of the process. The application period lasts for four weeks and continues from the 27th of April until the 25th of May. After applying, you should hear back from us during the following days.

the interview

All potential applicants will be invited to an online interview within a week after the application deadline. The interview is designed to map out your motivation and drive you to push your idea forward.

create something new this summer


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