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To apply, you need:

1. Eagerness to become an entrepreneur
2. Motivation to go through the program
3. Some business idea you'd like trying out this summer
4. Preferably a team consisting of at least 2 people*

*if you apply alone, we will help you find a teammate

To apply, you don’t need:

1. Any previous startup experience
2. Anything concretely done for your idea
3. Any skills on founding and running a company

Application opens on the 14th of January 2021 but before that, leave your email below and we will be in contact with you when the applications open

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I felt this program was really easily approachable which is not always the case in the startup scene.
Elisa Vihonen
Co -founder at Brunssibeibe
Ignite gave me confidence, connections, and crucial information related to the whole process of becoming an entrepreneur.
Vivika Viikari
Founder at Verde Secondhand
In this program, you really have the potential to ignite new ideas and entrepreneurs.
Niko Peltola
Founder at Asuntotutka
Want to know more about the program? Go read more info from the program page and frequently asked questions!