"If it wasn’t for Ignite, we most likely wouldn’t have spent the summer building a startup"

A team member of "Perspect" Yannic Kluthe shares his experience in developing a startup idea at Ignite

Team members of Perspect (from left to right): Yannic, Eemil and Sampo
Hi Yannic, could you first give us a brief description of your startup?
The problem we identified was as a fan of newspapers, you end up paying a lot of subscription fees for all newspapers separately. Our solution was to create a service that would bundle up the subscriptions in one place (Spotify or Netflix style). A customer would pay, for example, 10 euros and have access to 3-4 newspapers at the same time. This way people would pay for quality journalism without having to get the subscriptions separately.
Why did you decide to apply to Ignite?
First, it was the “let’s try it” attitude. We had an idea and as we found out that Ignite offers free coaching, we saw it as an opportunity to develop the idea further. Then we saw the benefits of becoming entrepreneurs without a lot of risks and with support. The last push was an easy application process.
How did the idea evolve during the program?
Before Ignite, we were just fans of newspapers without any knowledge of the industry. At the start of the program, we took our time to try to understand how the industry works, with the help of our coach. Coaching led us to understanding the next steps of our journey, including defining goals, making a structured plan, and building a business model. At the same time, we continued to learn more about the industry with the help of workshops.
How was your day to day?
Every week started with a beautiful breakfast that motivated us for the rest of the week. Around three days a week were allocated for workshops and every Thursday we had a coaching session. On the free days, we organized internal team meetings to decide who’s responsible for which task during the following week. Otherwise, it was summer and we had a lot of barbecues so we also chilled and enjoyed our time a lot!
What did you get out of Ignite?
First of all, the things that you learn are not only applicable during the program, but they can also come in handy later in life. For example, what we learned about time management, our personal wellbeing, how to prevent burnout, and so on could also be used in everyday life. Even if one doesn’t end up building a company, there is important knowledge that turns out to be beneficial in any career.
Did it meet your expectations?
Overall I was super impressed with the quality of the workshops and I also learned a lot from the coaches. The program itself was well organized and to answer the question, it exceeded my expectations.
What kind of difference did the participation make for your startup progress?
In the end, if it wasn’t for Ignite, we most likely wouldn’t spend the summer building a startup that year. Perhaps it would’ve only happened in 10 years, so the program was the push that we needed
How intensive was it?
For us, it was perfectly balanced and not stressful, as our priority was to simply try out our idea. We never complained about having another workshop or coaching session.
What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying?
Ultimately, applying doesn’t require much effort so why not try it! If you have an idea you’re really passionate about, they will hear you out and if you get in, it’ll be worth it!
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Originally published on May 17, 2022