Open positions

Even though the Ignite batch of 2021 has been selected, there is a lot of teams looking for more people to join. When joining a team, you will get all the benefits of the program, depending on the position the team is looking for. Many positions are Co-founder positions. These positions entails you to full program benefits including monetary support and 10 credits.

See below which positions the teams are looking for and apply!

Symbiotic vertical farming

What if we could have green spots in our houses all year round with no commitment to gardening? What if people still would be the major cause for such spots to exist? Our project is about technology that mediates the symbiosis between humans and nature in modern cities. We present gardens embedded directly into the buildings where we work and live - vertical farms.

Are you..?

1. Building/civil engineer
2. Architect
3. Community space designer


Nowadays, sustainability is pretty much part of everything we do, but believe it or not, supermarkets are
not being monitored. This is a terrible situation, since they generate a lot of pollution. The idea behind Greentail is to create a way to bridge the gap and provide the stores with a monitoring system: we would create a tool that the supermarket owners could access, which would allow them to visualize their environmental impact as well as to find ways to improve their situation in just a few clicks.

Are you a..?

1. Web designer
2. App developer
3. Someone with skills in business and finances
4. Sustainability professional


Our solution aims to help older adults to cope with everyday household tasks and social problems. We want to help elderly people to build a world around them, where they feel safe and independent but supported. Our platform matches people who are looking for assistance and those who are ready to help

Are you a..?

1. Software engineering
2. Marketing, sales or communication specialist
3. Product management and design specialist
4. Business and finance specialist


There are 6.9 million monthly Twitch streamers competing for 2.5 million concurrent viewers and the numbers are growing fast. StrmInsights will be a tool that gives Twitch streamers insights into their streams by analyzing the audience interaction and other metrics during the streams. The tool allows the streamer to review which moments in their broadcast drove most viewer participation, new followers, new subscribers, viewer retention, donations, cheers or other metrics they care about. StrmInsights has a big, rapidly growing potential market and endless ways to improve the tool further with smarter features, while the minimal viable product is achievable in a short time by a talented and motivated team.

Are you a..?

1. Front-end, back-end or Fullstack developer
2. Marketing lead
3. Tech lead
4. UX design lead


Hi, we are Virsity, which stands for Virtual University, a team of amazing people who have great accomplishments in their own fields.
According to Nelson Mandela: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Therefore, our goal is to create educational apps with light gaming features, helping students improving their study efficiencies as well as arming them with skills needed for their future careers

Are you..?

1. Backend developer
2. Finance


The current safety precautions in snow parks are obsolete. We are creating a modern and safe snow park environment in ski resorts with the help of technology. Our aim is to make a product that will become a global industry standard. 

Are you a..?

1. Hardware developer
2. Product designer


Our team is creating a digital service for readers, who wish to access multiple newspapers and magazines but do not want to pay fees for various publishers. We do so by centralizing the access to media outlets in a web-based application with customers only paying one recurring fee instead of many. Our vision is to offer readers around the world a diverse spectrum of written media outlets, for an affordable price. This vision is driven by our three founders, who define themselves through their shared love for quality journalism and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Are you..?

1. Tech person

Valuing the Imperfect

“Valuing the Imperfect” is a value risen from the global feeling of uncertainty and craving for self-expression. We see the solution in the intimate experience of creating something personal. The story of crafting starts from social media and expands into the hands of the customer through fun crafting kits accompanied by an app for instructions.By laying these pathways we encourage people to freely express themselves with the creation of something imperfect, yet beautiful. We will lose the confusing and intimidating aspect of taking the first step by providing the necessary materials. "

Are you a..?

1. Application developer


Food should be optimized for you and preparing it should not be a chore. squeeze solves your common daily cooking struggles and optimizes the cooking process, from deciding what to eat to having a complete healthy meal ready on the table. Optimization, customization, efficiency, health and ease are at the heart of what squeeze does - it is your one-stop app solution that will make preparing food a breeze. squeeze uses a recommending system to show you personalized recipes that are easy, fast, healthy, tasty and cheap - all at once.

Are you a..?

1. front-end / back-end or full stack developer
2. Recipe co-creator
3. Create your own position

Safe Room

Safe Room is an online platform where trained volunteers will hear you out about anything that has been bothering you. This is a judgment-free, supportive community of people who truly care and know that you and your experiences matter. We want to make mental health support accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Share, listen, get heard and get better.

Are you a..?

1. Application developer
2. Psychology specialist