Want to attain invaluable business building skills and get instant experience in workshops? That’s exactly what the Ignite program is for. Keep scrolling to get a grasp of the program timeline and the weekly structure.

Structure of the Program

Week 1

Talking with users
Shareholders' agreement

Week 3

Product prioritizing
Design thinking

Week 5

Business models

Week 7

Go-to-market strategy
Product-market fit

Week 9


Week 2

Team dynamics

Week 4

Communication & PR
Marketing & Growth hacking

Week 6

Individual development

Week 8


Week 10

Future planning
Company founding 101
Demo Day

Weekly structure

Application process

1. The Form

Application form is the first of two steps in the application process. The application period for Ignite 2021 will open in spring. More information about the specific time will be provided early next year, so stay tuned!

2. The Interview

All potential applicants will be invited to an online interview within a week after the application deadline.

Structure of the program

3. Kickoff

Once you’ve been selected to the program you’ll be invited to a kickoff meeting, where the more  detailed steps and goals will be planned together with the Ignite organizers. You’ll also be granted the budget for your project. After the kickoff meeting, you are all set to start on the program!

5. Second phase

During the second stage, the focus will be on building a prototype. In addition, the teams will start contacting important stakeholders such as customers and subcontractors. The goal is to get the first feedback from the stakeholders for product development.

7. Demo Night

The program culminates to Demo night, where the teams get to pitch the project to the audience and to the jury.

4. First phase

In the first step the main focus will be on idea generation, validation and market analysis.

6. Third phase

This stage focuses on the future - planning a more detailed business plan, budget and scheduling to make it easier to continue the project after the program. The final goal is to formally establish a company and obtain a business ID.

Check out our first Ignite Demo Night aftermovie

Application Opens on the 14th of January 2021

Before that, leave your mail and be among the first one’s to get to know about the application!

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I felt this program was really easily approachable which is not always the case in the startup scene.
Elisa Vihonen
Co -founder at Brunssibeibe
In this program, you really have the potential to ignite new ideas and entrepreneurs.
Niko Peltola
Founder at Asuntotutka
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Vivika Viikari
Founder at Verde Secondhand

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